Choosing the Right Sports Bench

Not all sports benches are the same, and not all sporting events are best served by a single style of sports bench. Benches that are great for a tennis court may not be right for the dugout. The various options for people who are looking for sports benches can be overwhelming, so it's worth your time to have a look at what is available for your sport and space.

The first decision you'll make is whether you want a backless bench or a bench that you can relax and lean back on. For a tennis court, you're probably going to want a bench with a back. Individual players who are sitting out a game should be able to rest comfortably. If you're looking for a bench to put in a dugout, you'll want something minimal. Usually the players can lean against the back wall of a dugout, so a backless bench makes the most sense.

Other practical options include the type of material and durability. Will the bench be outside and subject to harsh weather or will it be protected by a shelter? Are you looking for a designer sports bench that doesn't look like traditional benches, or do you want the bench to essentially blend in with its surroundings?

Depending on what you need in a sports bench, the prices of benches vary. You can easily find a simple, backless sports bench for only a couple hundred dollars. But if you want something custom or a unique designer sports bench, you should expect to pay more. The design and style of sports benches can vary greatly. Classic slatted benches with backs are often nice for a tennis court, perhaps in a dark green or blue. You can also find sports benches in a wide variety of colors, just right for team spirit. If you want to go a bit further, you can put the mascot or school name on the back of a custom logo bench. The wide variety of sports benches can be fun to consider and can make choosing the right sports bench even easier.