How to Choose the Perfect Park Bench

You've probably never thought about the wide variety of options available when selecting a park bench, until you were asked to shop for one. Once you start thinking about it and you have a look around at the benches in your neighborhood, at your school and around town, you'll realize that the choices are endless. So how do you choose from these infinite possibilities?


Your first consideration should be the material used to create the bench. The material you select may play a role in the options you have for the style. Additionally, the material will be dictated by the location and conditions the park bench will have to endure. Most outdoor benches are made of durable materials, such as wood, metal or thermoplastic-coated material. One thing to consider when ordering a bench is climate. For instance, if your bench is going to be located in direct sunlight, then an aluminum bench might not be the best choice.


Backless or traditional? Expanded, perforated, or roll formed? Two legs or three? You'll find that your style options can be overwhelming, even if you know the material you want. Here is where you'll really have to consider both the use and location of the park bench. Is this bench for a school or a sports field? Perhaps a large, backless park bench makes the most sense. Are you selecting a bench as a tribute in a park? Wooden traditional benches with arm rests are usually preferred.

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