Name That Bench

We've all seen the TV program "Name That Tune" and have chuckled - and been pleasantly surprised - that even the youngest of generations know the lyrics to Golden Oldies tunes. We've heard it said that "Those were the good old days" referring to one's youthful school era. Whether a young family with elementary age school children or a mature family whose children are in college, we do all admit that eras and milestones in our lives have a way of turning into memorials.

Senior class projects, student organizations, Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and Parent Student Organizations (PSO) always have memorial projects on their agenda. Some of the ideas tossed around in those meetings are smaller memorials like plaques and trophies; and larger memorials like seating for athletic events. Remember your senior class Clemson Benchproject where you wanted future classes to remember your class specifically? What would make a good school project memorial that would be functional yet fun?

School and/or class named seating certainly would fit that undertaking. There's always a need for seating. The issue is determining the right seating for the project. Does seating exist that would fit these benchmarks:

  • a class memorial
  • visually appealing
  • affordable
  • durable
  • fun

A little internet research and custom outdoor bench that fit all the above criteria was found. Outdoor seating is manufactured in a wide variety of materials ranging from the traditional wooden bench to commercial-grade plastic coated metal. The metal bench fits the "durable" custom logo benchcategory and sizing, style and color were non-restrictive offerings. There were several sites that offer logo benches offering school name and graduating year cut-outs and engravings which would fulfill the "class memorial," visually appealing," and "fun" categories.

The "affordable" logo bench category is one you would need to define according to your budget. Look for a company that offers a low price guarantee, but keep in mind that the price should not be the sole defining factor in your final selection. School BenchAvailability, reliability and exceptional customer service should all figure into the equation that produces a memorable project in a timely manner.

Happy shopping for that class or organization memorial project you had in mind. Prioritize the project parameters, define the budget, research vendors and place the order. It's just that simple. Your shopping experience is sure to be memorable!