Options Available for Benches

Backless Benches

Our backless benches range in lengths from four to 15-feet and are available in wood, metal, steel, plastic, or aluminum. We offer up to 16-color options for metal and steel benches, and plastic benches come in six-color options. Backless benches are a more affordable option in comparison to a standard bench with a backrest.

Roll-Formed Benches

Roll-formed benches come in lengths of four to eight feet. Armless options are available, and roll-formed benches come in a variety of color choices. Roll-formed benches are an excellent choice for parks, sidewalks, schools, and playgrounds, and are covered with a thermoplastic coating to protect from rust and corrosion. Roll-formed benches are a perfect choice for areas with heavy traffic because they offer the pedestrian a convenient and lovely place to rest. All of our roll-formed benches come with pre-drilled mounting holes.

U-Leg Benches

U-leg benches are made with three-inch 11-gauge steel legs for extreme support. U-leg benches come in a variety of colors and designs to match your indoor or outdoor area. These benches come in a backless or standard option. All of these benches have armrests due to the U-shaped legs that rise above the seat of the bench. These benches are durable and last for years, and they are a great choice for commercial sites.

Perforated Benches

Perforated design benches are made with 11-gauge steel with ½" holes on staggered centers one inch apart. The steel construction from our perforated benches ensures superior, long-term quality. The benches have backless and armless options. Perforated benches can be customized with your logo, and we have several styles and colors to mix and match. These benches also come with the option of the U-Leg shape, if you don't want standard armrests. With several mounting options available, along with a five-year warranty and a thermoplastic protective covering, these benches are an excellent choice.

Expanded Benches

The expanded bench design is a nine-gauge steel that forms a crisscross pattern. This construction style is commonly used in parks, playgrounds, and sporting areas such as tennis courts and dugouts. Expanded benches have a custom logo option and come with or without backs and arms. Expanded benches come in a variety of colors and are constructed for easy air flow with the consistent crisscrossing style.

Aluminum Benches

Our aluminum benches come with several options. These are completely maintenance-free and ranked as one of the most practical benches available on the market. Like expanded benches, these are also great for dugouts, tennis courts, and other sport benches because of their durability, care-free maintenance and practicality. Many lengths such as six-foot, eight-foot, 15-foot, 21-foot, and 27-foot are available to meet your requirements. We offer standard, backless, armrests and dual back benches so you can make the best choice possible.