Types and Styles of Commercial Park Benches

Outdoor benches come in a variety of materials and styles, including wood, steel, aluminum, and even recycled materials. When shopping for commercial-grade benches, it helps to begin with a concept in mind.

Wood Benches

We offer several styles of wooden benches, including high-quality teak, as well as pine with steel frames.

Teak Benches

Teak benches are elegant, sturdy and long-lasting and can be used in parks, as well as residential areas. This style is especially loved in neighborhood playgrounds as a stylish place for parents to surprise their children in comfort.

Wood Benches with Steel Frames

This traditional style of park bench is engineered for heavy-duty commercial applications and is often used in parks, city grounds, and school campuses. Many wooden bench styles feature pressure-treated Southern yellow pine boards attached to a corrosive-resistant galvanized steel frame, providing both comfort and durability without compromising on aesthetics.

Steel Benches

Steel benches are built to resist heavy abuse and vandalism due to the innovative thermoplastic coating. The steel frames ensure years of maintenance-free performances. Outdoor benches from this group are top-of-the-line and are corrosion-resistant. They come in various design, style, and color options. Each metal bench features classic detailing with modern-day ingenuity. Steel benches are the landscape furnishing of choice by top industry professionals.

Logo Benches

Custom logo benches are a modified version of thermoplastic steel benches. Many schools, cities, associations, businesses, and organizations choose this type of bench to brand their outdoor space with their logo, name, or even a sponsorship.

Aluminum Benches

Low-maintenance by design, aluminum benches provide excellent resistance to the changing outdoor elements. Aluminum benches are heavy-duty in performance and lightweight in construction and are a popular amenity at schools and park grounds. Aluminum benches are offered in various sizes and frame styles at Commercial Site Furnishings, as well as in a myriad of colors.

Recycled Benches

Recycled plastic benches are the eco-friendly solution where nontoxic and longer-lasting materials are desired. They promote "green" efficiency among park and public spaces. They are a growing modern age trend and are offered in numerous designs and colors.

Exceeding Your Expectations for Outdoor Benches

We have affordable outdoor benches for every application. Our selection of product styles will exceed your expectations for your outdoor project. Our staff works hard to make sure to meet any and every need you have by offering top-grade, top-quality products.

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