Recycled Plastic Furniture

Our commercial grade recycled plastic furniture can add a timeless classic look to your next big project or current setting. The plastic is color stable, doesn't rust or crack, and costs less than its alternatives. It is environmentally friendly too; recycling material for functional purposes diverts waste from going to landfills and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

Our chaise lounges are perfect for poolside lounging, and you can complete your pool area with our towel stations, and bar areas to make your space a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests. Why not add a recycling station? This will not only help remind your guests not to litter, but it also a great way to show them that a little bit of effort goes a long way in making our world a greener place to be!

Recycled plastic and plastic composite products are impervious to insects, moisture and mold, meaning they won't rot, splinter or become a home for unwanted pests. Added UV inhibitors keep recycled plastic colors bright and vibrant. Bonding agents create a complete molecular linkage for optimum structural integrity. What this means for you is that these products are sure to remain strong and beautiful for years, without fading, dry-rotting, or rusting- as other outdoor furnishings are prone to do over time. These furnishings not only help your property look great, you will feel great too by doing your part to help the environment. Our commercial recycled plastic furniture and accessories are perfect for and serve many schools, parks, campgrounds, gyms, hotels, and resorts.