FAQs About Benches

Can you paint the bench depending on the material?

The majority of our commercial metal, plastic and steel benches are protected by a thermoplastic coating to prevent corrosion and rust that would indicate a need for repainting. Our benches come in a large variety of colors to choose from in order to avoid painting. The teak wood benches can be painted, but the beauty of the natural wood will urge you to keep the natural finish. Once you paint the bench, it will be a continuous process of repainting and chipping. Plus, consider the type of paint for the environment where your bench will be. Overall, painting the bench is not a good idea.

Can benches be shipped fully assembled?

Ideally, benches are shipped unassembled. If we ship the bench assembled, it increases the item's size, which increases the shipping cost and increases the risk of damage. However, we do make some exceptions and will ship the bench fully assembled if it's a priority, but be aware that shipping the bench assembled accounts for higher shipping cost and potential for damage. All benches come with assembly directions. The process is very simple and takes minimal time.

Do weather conditions affect the bench?

If your main concern is weather conditions, we suggest purchasing one of our steel and metal component benches. These benches are coated with a seven-year warrantied thermoplastic coating. This coating protects the metal from all types of weather elements. Teak is also a great choice if you are looking for a wood bench that will not split from the sun. Teak wood can withstand high and low temperatures, which is not the case for all types of wood.

Can I apply something to the bench to protect the paint?

Most of our metal benches feature a thermoplastic coating to protect the paint from rust and corrosion.

What if I want a bench in a length that is not a standard size?

We offer custom bench sizes if one of our standard sizes does not fit your needs. Call us at 800-278-4480 or email us for custom bench construction needs.

What other ways can I maintain my bench?

Cleaning the bench on a regular basis is a good way to protect it from any harsh dirt or debris that could scratch the bench over a period of time. Using a seal protectant that can be applied once a year to maintain the natural tones will keep your teak wood looking brand new. This is not required of teak wood, but it's an available option.

Can the bench be attached to the ground?

Yes, most of our benches feature three mounting options: portable, surface, and in-ground. Please see our Park Bench Mounting Guide, which gives you additional information on the best mounting technique for you.

What are the color options available for the benches?

Most of our benches are available in 16 colors in order to coordinate your bench with your desired color scheme. Please contact our customer service department at 800-278-4480 if you have any questions regarding color samples.